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Chapter 16Banged Up Abroad
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Finally, the truth behind the headlines. The story that gripped a continent.

It’s Malaga, Spain. The Murphys, a couple in their sunset years, have arrived for their first ever holiday. But it all goes to pot. Literally. From the moment they land. Bridie Murphy is a large woman, both fearless and clueless. Her husband, Willie, a very small framed man, is only interested in two things, and one of them is drink. As Bridie once said, “if he can’t drink it or ride it, he’ll break it!” 

Lies, lust, sun, sea, sand and sausages. Suspense, mystery, sex, drugs and rock and roll. This book has it all. And more. Ireland’s most unlikely, accidental and least successful drugs cartel are drawn unwittingly into the dark underbelly of crime on the Costa.


“Absolutely hilarious…..” The Times (that’s in it)


Written by multi-award winning  Irish Comedian, Conal Gallen and his son, Rory

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