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Who the heck am I?

Before he achieved his first ever Double Platinum Album with the absolutely hilarious “LIVE & FULL OF IT”, Conal Gallen had taken the Irish comedy  scene by storm. His outstanding sense of comic timing, his tremendous singing voice and dynamic stage presence make him a favourite with audiences in all places and of all ages.

As he says himself, he was born at a very young age! He has been singing songs and making people laugh literally all his life.   As a young lad, he sang and performed at various family gatherings. His career began at the age of 15, when he began appearing with his local Drama group, The Butt Drama Circle. This gave him his great love of the stage. For the next several years Conal performed in many plays and sketches, and won a place in the hearts of all those who saw him. He even won the Best Actor Award at the All Ireland Drama Finals in 1983!

Conal started performing seriously (that means for money!) with great friend, Cormac Scully as a Duo called “The Odd Couple”. “Those were some of the greatest times I ever had” says Conal. “We played the pubs and clubs, where sometimes people didn’t even know we were there!

Today, Conal is an extremely busy man, touring all over the world throughout the year. His live shows are exhilarating. His proud boast is that he doesn’t have to resort to using foul language to make people laugh. Indeed, as has proved to hundreds of thousands of people, “if you have to resort to that, then you obviously weren’t funny in the first place”!

Conal has recorded 32 (Yes 32!) albums and 10 DVDs, each one more entertaining than the next. A lot of younger folk have nicknamed him “The Party Animal”, because of the craic his recordings bring to any gathering.

Conal is a comedian, songwriter, vocalist and true entertainer. Dubbed “Ireland’s Ambassador of Humour” he is currently making his mark not only on the Irish scene but also around the world. He has performed on stages from Dubai to Dubrovnik, Boston to Botswana and just about everywhere else in between!

The name Conal Gallen has also been associated with Paul Claffey Tours.  For the last number of years, Conal has performed in Europe, Asia and America as part of this great entertainment event.
Quite handsome with a disarming boyish charm!!!!! Conal is known as a true professional, bringing the best of Irish entertainment wherever he tours.

Conal receives the highest reviews wherever he performs. Catch Conal at a venue near you and you will come away feeling a whole lot better for the experience. “The whole idea of the show is to get in as many jokes as possible in the time permitted. This takes you away from all your worries”.
In Conal Gallen’s case, “Laughter truly is the best medicine”!

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