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This is the other side of Conal Gallen. The singing side. It has often been said that if Conal hadn't made it to the top as a Comedian, he certainly would have made it as a singer. And this album shows why! 14 beautiful songs, beautifully sung!

Conal Gallen - SONGBOOK

  • Track List

    1. Some Days Are Diamonds (Dick Feller)
    2. Kiss The World Goodbye (Kris Kristofferson)
    3. Logue & Mc Cool Tribute (Kirby/Throckmorton/Kelly Gosdin)
    4. Kitty Bawn O' Brien (Allister Mc Gillivary)
    5. My Mother Was Her Name (Hurricane Smith)
    6. Alice Benbolt (Trad. Arr.)
    7. Living Here in London (Patsy Farrell)
    8. Dreaming My Dreams (Allen Reynolds)
    9. Caledonia (Dougie Mac Lean)
    10. The Old Rocking Chair (Coleman/Burke)
    11. Before The Next Teardrop Falls (Keith/Peters)
    12. Gentle Annie (Tommy Makem)
    13. The Old Man (Phil Coulter)
    14. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle)
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